Pomaretto, at the entrance to the Germanasca valley at the confluence with the Chisone, just a short distance from Perosa Argentina, has the Luigi Fort and the Banchette Tower to protect it. Its historical-cultural origins are at once apparent, with three important Waldensian buildings – the hospital, the Convitto (Boarding School) and the Scuola Latina (Latin School) for the higher education of students.

The Waldensian church surveys the ancient Catholic parish church of Saint Nicolao from on high, and the Convitto offers an ideal opportunity to sample the social history of the place, thanks to the permanent exhibition of ancient crafts. This is an unusual collection of small wooden models sculpted by Carlo Ferrero and “dressed” by his wife Enrichetta. These crafts are all connected with farming, with the famous apples from which the name of the village derives, and the vineyards that still produce the delicate Ramie, a highly prized red D.O.C. wine. The Barathier elixir, an infusion of seven varieties of alpine plants made by Giacomo Bernard in 1905, is another local speciality.

Pomaretto was once simply an extension of Perosa, but it developed with the advent of the textile industry and, in the nineteenth century, it had several graphite mines. The Rocca Pertusa is also of interest; it was dug to provide a 40-metre-long irrigation canal from the Chisone, through rocky terrain. There is a channel 8 metres wide, probably dating from before the use of explosives

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