Pragelato is the old capital town of the valley, as well as the capital of the Val Chisone Escarton Republic, and is today a great centre for tourism, just a short distance from the Via Lattea but perfectly equipped for downhill and cross-country skiing, ice-skating and summer trekking. It combines tourist development with environmental conservation, as can be seen from the superb examples of traditional Occitan architecture in the Troncea, Laval and Seytes townships in the charming Val Troncea nature park, where the main features of the scenery are green valleys, great mountains and extraordinarily rich flora and fauna, as well as interesting traces of the crafts of times gone by, such as mining in the Bet mines.

The old name, “Pradzalà”, derives from the harshness of the climate in the winter months. As well as the more recent tourist facilities, it has some corners of perfectly preserved beauty, with the many sundials created by the itinerant artist Zarbula, a painting by Gabriele Dufur in Ruà, the main town, and many polygonal fountains bearing the symbol of the fleur-de-lys – the French coat of arms.

In the centre of the wide basin dominated on the right by the opening to the Val Troncea and then by the woody massif of the Albergian, and on the left by the forests that go up towards the Assietta, Pragelato offers its visitors the most genuine products of high quality alpine agriculture – honey and preserves, along with famous herbal liqueurs like Genepy. The Ethnographic Museum of Alpine Peoples is also very interesting to visit.

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