Prali lies in the heart of the Waldensian area of the Cozie Alps, in a valley that is rich in history and nature. The ski resort of Ghigo has 8 ski lifts and chairlifts, the national ski school and the FISI-approved cross-country piste and is a first-class alpine resort that manages to combine tourism with a healthy natural environment, in the middle of a delightful valley. On the upland plain, there are the 13 Envie lakes, dominated by the Cournour peak, 2868 metres high, looking over onto the Queyras park in France.

If we go up the Germanasca valley, we first pass the talcum mines that are equipped for tourist visits and when we reach the charming Rodoretto valley, we can already feel the alpine atmosphere of Prali, with the Waldensian museum in the Beckwith school in the village, documenting the social history of the area.

Then, on a grassy plateau along the Germanasca, we come upon the historic village of Prali. We see the Villa district, with its ancient church and all its original rural buildings. Finally, as we go up further, the spectacular Ghigo basin comes into view; here, there are tourist facilities set amongst pasturelands and conifers, and cultural attractions, starting with the great historical museum in the old Waldensian church – the only religious building that survived the wars of religion. This was the scene of the thanksgiving ceremony for the exiles who returned to their valleys after the “Glorioso Rimpatrio” (“Return from Exile”) in 1689.

Prali’s pride and joy is the large Waldensian ecumenical centre of Agape, in perfect symbiosis with the forest surrounding it. It was set up in 1948 by Tullio Vinay, and was built with voluntary work and contributions from all the Evangelical churches of Europe. It is designed as a venue for international meetings and seminars.


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